Jelle Drenth was next to his job as projectengineer since 1984 active with paintings. Since 1998, when he retired, he was able to work full time on his hobbies.

He followed lessons from different teachers in order to acquainted with different disciplines of paintings. Also he follows master classes in order to further excel of painting.

At the moment his acrylic painting are his favorite topic. He also works in oil and watercolor, this is mainly on order.

He is inspired by many subjects from daily live. His work is recognisable by its bright use of colors, the recognisable expressions and his continuous battle between realites and abstract.

He exposed in Breukelen, Driebruggen, Gouda, Kamerik, Vinkeveen, Utrecht, Reeuwijk en Woerden.

At the moment he follows lessons in making bronsesculptures and stonesculptures and also at home he has made several stonesculptures of blackstone.

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